Getting Here



Getting Here

Subsequently you find the adresses of the individual stations for your navigation system, as well as a link to the route planner of German Railways to the closest bus stop. The list is ordered according to the route of the "Bergischer Löwe". Wiehltalbahn stations are all stations/stops between Osberghausen and Waldbröl. 


Dieringhausen Railway Museum

Hohler Straße 2, 51645 Gummersbach-Dieringhausen

A 750 meter walk from the Dieringhausen station (please follow the main road to the right  after leaving the station building).

Closest bus stop: "Lichtstr., Gummersbach-Dieringhausen" (80 meters to the museum)




Dieringhausen Station

Dieringhausener Straße 2, 51645 Gummersbach-Dieringhausen

The most comfortable way of getting here: You can change onto the trains to the Wiehl valley on the same platform from the Regionalbahn 25 Cologne - Dieringhausen - Marienheide.




Osberghausen Station

Kölner Straße 11, 51766 Engelskirchen-Osberghausen

The platform is on the right hand side of the petrol station. Limited parking place!

Closest bus stop: "Osberghausen" (200 meters to the platform)




Weiershagen Halt

Hückhausener Straße, 51674 Wiehl-Weiershagen

Closest bus stop: "Weiershagen Mitte" (250 meters away)


Bielstein Halt

Schlanderser Straße, 51674 Wiehl-Bielstein

Good interconnection to the local public bus transport; the platform is situated right besides the coach terminal "Bielstein Busbf.".



Alperbrück Halt

Am Blumenhof, 51674 Wiehl-Alperbrück

Closest bus stop: "Alperbrück" (100 meters away)


Wiehl Station

Bahnhofstraße 20, 51674 Wiehl

Closest bus stop is the bus stop "Wiehl", Homburger Straße - right next to the station. But the bus stop "Wiehl Rathaus", which is roughly 300 meters away, is significantly better served.




Oberwiehl Station

Wilhelm-Grümer-Weg, 51674 Wiehl-Oberwiehl

Closest bus stop: "Oberwiehl" (150 meters)


Remperg-Mühlenau Halt

Oberwiehler Straße, 51674 Wiehl-Remperg

Closest bus stop: "Remperg" (300 meters)


Denklingen Halt

Am Bahnhof, 51580 Reichshof-Denklingen

Access to the platform behind the station building!

Closest bus stop: "Denklingen" (250 meters)


Hermesdorf Station

Eisenbahnstraße, 51545 Waldbröl-Hermesdorf

Closest bus stops: "Hermesdorf" and "Hermesdorf Oberdorf" (350 meters each)


Waldbröl Station

Bahnhofstraße 30, 53225 Waldbröl

Directly in front of the station building there is the bus stop "Alter Bahnhof Waldbröl". Busses to the opposite direction run from the bus stop "Kreissparkasse Waldbröl", which is roughly 300 meteras away.