We can report pleasant things from Morsbach in two different ways.
On the one hand, an agreement regarding the future layout and the sizing of the station area could be made with the municipality after extended negotiations. The redevelopment and valorisation of track installations and platforms are regularised in an agreement of town planning, as well as the partial release of the station area for the
urban development measures. The Morsbach muncipality is currently applying for respective grants from the infrastructure incentive programme "Redionale 2025 (Sorry, German only!)".

On the other hand, another Morsbach project reached the next step for a grant: the project of a touristic rail trolley operation (initiated by the Morsbach muncipality) was positively rated by the appropriate panel of the incentive programme "LEADER" and recommended for funding.

So in a first step the rail trolleys (human-powered as well as electrically-operated) shall run between Morsbach Stn and Kömpel Halt.