So called 'utility vehicles’ (German: SKL) are absolutely essential for maintenance works on railway lines. Such a 'working tool' - basically a sort of lorry on rails with load bed and working crane, has been in the Wiehl Valley Railway's employ for the past 20 years for work on the heritage-protected Wiehl Valley Railway line.

On March 18th, 2019, a filming crew stopped off at Wiehl-Bielstein to film a scene for a new cinema film. On the site of the 'Zunft Kölsch' brewery for Open Air events a small 'wagon fort' had formed, consisting of lorries, containers, buses and motorcars. The parking lot at the Schlandernser road was blocked for the most part. Reason for this was the shooting for a new cinema film. On this day, the shots were mainly made on and arpound the track of the Wiehl valley railway line.

On December 14th, 2018, the 'Oberbergische Volkszeitung (OVZ)' published a progress report by Jens Höhner in the matter of the 'Jäger' factory unit entitled Fangschiene hält Züge in der Spur (PDF "Check rails keep the trains on the rails" - Sorry, German text only!).

Special ride by the DB Regio apprentices


On 8th.December 2018, the apprentices of DB Regio organised a non-public special trip for disabled people on the Wiehl Valley Railway line as part of a project.

Back in April 2017 we had reported that in Denklingen a factory unit had been erected too close to the Wiehltalbahn track. Thus, for the foreseeable future no passenger trains were allowed to run as far as Waldbröl for safety reasons.
Meanwhile, we have made good progress towards the resumption of passenger traffic as far as Waldbröl. By now, the legal proceedings that had to be initiated in this regard could be settled amicably.